(Non AA Official) UMMS Devs - UMM Contest "Fight Afterlife"

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We are delighted to announce our first UMMS Devs Contest!
Contestants will have approximately three months to create a map following the theme.
At the end of the Contest we will choose 3 winners, with selected judges and some help from the community.

What is the theme of the map we need to make?
Fight Afterlife,
The focus of the map is a balance of many things.
1) The map should be Big enough to ospitate 24 players, but also, be ejoyable on a 4v4 or 6v6 match(the way you do this is up to you, you could also use kismet to block certain areas when there's not sufficent players, or just use the environment)
2) The map must be a TDM Based Map, but you can also use Take and Hold if you want, and Flag. ( I won't raccomend C4 or Activate, but if you already have something in mind, and you are 100% sure it will work, go for it )
3) The general Mood of the map is an abbandoned war area, you can use some audio effect of someone firing, but it must not be much. Imagine a War, when it's the moment where one side have ended the war, but they are not celebrating yet, got it?
4) Symmetry... You can do Symmetry, only if you do it not in half, but a third, it must not be a mirrored map.
5) Innovations pays off: If you use all of your skills with Kismet and Matinee, all done right, you will be rewarded.

What is the deadline for entry?
February/20/2022; maps from Feb/21/2022 will not be taken
but we will take entry before that so we, and the community, can give feedbacks about the various aspect of the map.
That date will be announced over Discord, and if we can, we will make it the day most of you can, remember tho that our server and we, are EU, so you need to be wake on Central European Time (CET)

What do i get if i win?
We will help you polish the map first of all(if needed), then i'll make a custom model(mesh) for each of the winner:
Third will receive just a simple mesh,
Second will receive a better one, a more complex,
and the First winner will DM me to make a custom mesh from his own idea(if not, i will make a model by my self), it won't be a dragon, i cannot do that.
All of those meshes will be custom, with the name of the winner on it.
For those who haven't won, there will be a simple mesh available to download without the name.
Also, there will be a suprise for everybody, and we will announce it at the end of this month.

A special news is that the winners will be publicized on Official AA:PG Socials!

How will the three winners be determined?
As i said on the intro, we will choose 3 winners, with a selected judge team, and also the help of the community it self.
The criterias will be:

Theme: It needs to meet the Theme ofc.

Character: Does it have something special? you will remember the map for something? or is it just the same map as the others on the workshop?
Make it more original as you can, and try not to copy from other maps. Usually, simple is better, but if you can add something special, it will probably be rewarded if you play your cards right.

Fun: Is the map Fun to play? If it's not, then your map will not be choosen.

Completeness: Is the map near the finish, or it doesn't even have textures on those brushes you've placed? We will not publish your map into the game, since we can't, but a map is better when it's done.

What is the map size?
We would consider FLO more than BDX, you know, people want's to play, as they say, Go Big or Go Home.

How do I submit my map for the Contest?
I will make a channel on our Discord Server over at discord.gg/az8jdBkR5n, i know, not everybody knows how to use Discord, but it's easy to learn, and you will only need to do it once.

Anyone who is not part of the judge team can place a map.

Be original, don't copy paste other maps, we will allow custom meshes if you are brave enough, but if we see a patter, it won't be allowed(if a thing is too perfect to be true, then it is not).

If you need more info, contact me on Discord at NightVision#3261, or join the server on the first place.

Can i submit my old maps?
You can, but it needs to have the Theme in mind, you should open the map, edit it to fit the Theme, and then republish it.

Good Luck everybody :)
and remember the theme: Fight Afterlife.
Best regards Night ^^


  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,621Beta Tester
    What does “Fight Afterlife” even mean? I don’t understand.

    Looks like you’re putting a lot of effort into this.

    This has been a test of the emergency flame-fest system. Please do not adjust your set.
  • -LSTS-1NightVision1-LSTS-1NightVision1 Posts: 3Player
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    Keebler750 wrote: »
    What does “Fight Afterlife” even mean?

    For Fight Afterlife I mean (as you can see on point 3) an abbandoned war area (think like the war keeps going, tho it has already ended, like a loop, it's not mid fight, people rewind but the map remains the same.).
    You are free of building what you want, summer, winter, day, night, those things are not considered, tho if it's night, but if its too dark, it will be harmful for the map ofc.
    Is that more clear for you?
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