Official Servers Freezing and Lagging

It seems to have started since last week. The Official Servers get real laggy and all our pings go way up. At times they actually freeze. They may start off okay and then after a game or two, they start acting up as if they need a restart or something. This happens pretty much every night and not on just one Official Server, it happens on anyone of them. A lot of players are going to private servers because of it, they don't seem to be affected as much as the Official Servers. It's killing the game!


  • sweetbunny00sweetbunny00 Posts: 0Player
    same here!
  • Killy McDeathKilly McDeath Posts: 1Player
    Is this fixed? Last night we played on a silky smooth IAD Box and tonight there are more people on various official boxes. If it is, thank you!
  • [FILO]_King-Leo[FILO]_King-Leo Posts: 5Player
    Official servers are still laggy and crashing! They've been that way since at least last week. That is why not even one official server is being used.
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