I cannot load in!

BatmanTheFateBatmanTheFate Posts: 1Player
When i [TOS Violation] try to load in the game it just wont let me, it either says.. "connecting to server..." but it never connects me! Or another problem, when i play it randomly all the player are going to walls and stuck there all players leave. And then people on the mic is static and it kicks me out.


  • BatmanTheFateBatmanTheFate Posts: 1Player
    Help this its still continues, it got a little better but it actually getting worse.
  • xSwordShotxxSwordShotx Posts: 2Player
    It's going on over a week now, I don't think anyone works on the psn side of things anymore, or at least seems like it.
  • UgleeStarUgleeStar Posts: 0Player
    edited October 24
    Same here. Been unable to connect for the past week. Whats th deal AA sirs & ma'ams?
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