West coast servers?

KTN_Nom3rcyKTN_Nom3rcy Posts: 1Player
It's been 2 weeks -I'm on thewest coast- straight every game has been towards east and diff. Countries servers..any insight?


  • n3m3s1sn3m3s1s Posts: 2Player
    edited October 2021
    I am also adding to KTN’s reported issue on another thread and seen this one on the forum.

    I’m gonna add on to this one to update still same issues for any west server I get in, still lags out and disconnects everyone once you play a few rounds.

    You start to teleport and people are running around shooting everyone without any hits then you start to see the names of players getting disconnected and you eventually get booted too with message saying you lost connection lost.

    I tried again this morning and this time even though it always says searching for host < 60 ping, I didn’t even get into an East server where I ping 100+ but instead it placed me in a EU server pinging at 180-190!

    Hope you guys are working on what you changed after the update/un-update/later re-update that has been causing all the server issues…
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