Update [9.15.21] Registration Fixes

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We have identified and found solutions for the following issues with the new registration process.

- If you live outside of the U.S. and don’t have a zip code to enter, you can now update your country to reflect that.

- We reset several invalid codes, so players that received an invalid code error should try to register again.

- If you are receiving the error message that you already have a PSN/Steam account linked, please search your records for all americasarmy.com accounts you may have and confirm you are registering with the correct information.

Please try to register again if you have encountered any of these issues.

Note: We are currently experiencing high volumes of support tickets. Please be aware we are working to answer every ticket in order, so responses may be delayed.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


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    I care less now so I'll edit but this registration thing is just a mess.
  • Tal256Tal256 Posts: 4Player
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    Got a bit further, until this: The email address associated with the logged in user does not match the email address you are attempting to verify. Please login to the correct account, or resend a link for the currently logged in user.

    And regarding your note that you fixed the zip code thing, no there is no country option just zip code still.
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