Official Servers UnPlayable Due to Excessive LAG

Over the last week I have noticed that ALL US Army Official Servers have so much LAG they are unplayable.. Once the user connections exceed 6 players, the lag on ALL US Army Official servers is so bad the game can't be played. Why do I have the feeling that these are hosted on an Amazon AWS server and the Army hasn't paid their bill causing the network traffic to throttled? I would love to hear an explanation as to why ALL US Army OFFICIAL Servers are unplayable. If we join any CLAN Hosted server this issue does not exist. Thoughts Anyone? ........


  • I have noticed it does seem to happen on Clan Hosted servers as well, but rarely is it as bad (or as often) as the Official Servers.

    I have taken to kicking High Ping (>500) players off our server, and that seems to help some....
  • Killy McDeathKilly McDeath Posts: 1Player
    The lag and subsequent kicking of players is still happening after all this time. It happened a little before the last update but is worse since. Can we get a dev to figure this out, or at least tell us how to mitigate the effects. Thank you sincerely
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