Is the in-game M1911's rate of fire realistic?

The rate of fire of the game's M1911 doesn't feel realistic? [How fast can a 1911 pistol shoot and what makes the pistol shoot that fast? - Quora](

> Executive Summary:
> Average or typical shooter: 75–80 rounds/min.
> Average 1911 enthusiast : 120–180 rounds/min.
> Expert speed-shooter: 420–430 rounds/min.

[What is the rate of fire for a 9mm Beretta? - Quora](

> I’ve wound one up to five rounds per second. Cleared a full magazine of fifteen in a fraction under 3 seconds but the weapon becomes a little ‘disobedient’ using factory loads so downloading the ammo to just a tad more than enough to cycle properly reduces muzzle ‘lift’ thereby facilitating better control and grouping, (around eight inches at three yards.)
> In a live combat scenario one can usually achieve the desired result within four or five rounds firing at that rate though, (i.e. the threat becomes neutralised), permitting one to re-align on any other ‘potentially imminent’ threats nearby.
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