How do I change my in-game name in America's Army?

AntiNatalistAntiNatalist Posts: 4Player
I logged into my account at, but I see no option to change my in-game name. Please see the screenshot beneath.



  • Duke_AudiDuke_Audi Posts: 348Beta Tester
    At this point in time you can not change your name. It has been discussed in other threads.
  • visegripvisegrip Posts: 1Player
    You have to change it thru your steam account.
  • Idle_WildIdle_Wild Posts: 32Player
    You have to change it thru your steam account.

    This isn't really a solution for me, as all my other games use my Steam name. I use a different name in AA because originally, you didn't need to use Steam to play AA.

    In order to use this approach, after changing my Steam name to suit AA, I would have have set my original Steam name in every other game, which there are lots.
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