Engine Sequence Objects not working on AAPG UDK

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I was working on a V2.0V0.2 of a Respawn system for AAPG, made all on kismet, and i've encountered some problems.
I need to save the inventory of people on a variable at the round deploy, and when they die, i need to recover that value, but "Get Inventory" does not work, or i don't have a way to debug that, cause "Give Inventory" does not work, cause the AAPG UDK has only the "AAGive Inventory" working.
I'm not a code breaker or anything, i can try making logical things, and so i feel like i need to know some coding to do this, not sure tho.
I feel like this thing could be done, but only with the "Modify Property", but i don't know how.
Another thing is the "Death" Object, it does not output when a player dies, and so i cannot make people respawn, when they die.
I've debugged the logic behind this, and those are the main problems, or i feel like, the only problems.
So, to recap,
Do you have any alternatives to :
"Get Inventory" and "Give Inventory" so i can make people spawn with their weapons.
"Death", so i can modify a bool, to make people spawn, only when they die.
And one more, if it's possible, other wise this is not important, "Player Spawned"
Thx for the help


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    A few of us have tried respawn maps with limited success. You are right in your speculation. A bunch of functionality was stripped out of the game and the UE3 code base for AAPG. A discussion I had with a Dev suggested it might be possible to read variables out of the code if you knew what they were called.

    I’ve done a lot of hacking around with this and never came up with a solution that was 100% reliable.

    Best respawn map put together was by 101st XtremeDelta and he and I did a lot of work trying to access variables. I can’t remember the name of his map, but it was a custom, snowy research facility that he made in 3DS max and ported to AAPG.

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    Keebler750 wrote: »
    A few of us have tried respawn maps with limited success.
    We already figured out how to make respawn(it's published as private for testing reasons, and it's been up for months now, thx to Wolverine for the base he provided us with using XtremeDelta Respawn as a base), and it's not even that difficult if i can say (when you've understand that).
    The fact that you can read variables, it's already a thing for the map we have on our server (me and friends) but it's not that usefull.
    I figured out i can use Get Property for the Inventory at the start (when deployed), and save that variable apart for the respawn when it will happen, the same with the death, before the respawn is activated i can see if a player is dead, or if it's alive, and set a bool var. to complete the logic.
    I've tryed many things, and what i got was a new error with InvManager inside the Get Property, but i couldn't figure out if that's the first name, and then what the second name (the variable name) is(The error is: WARNING: Give Inventory without any inventory specified!, so i hope there's a way to do that).
    I would appreciate much a list of variables like that(maybe from the devs them self : ), you can use e.g. Health inside the Get Property, attached to an int var. with the name CurrentPlayerHealth, gives you the player health.
    I've found out that if you modify the property of a player named bPlayerDown, it pass out, but not die, and you don't make the animation, but for whatever reason, bPlayedDeath, that i've found with the help of ANDR!CO from the discord server, do nothing at all.

    Edit: I don't find the map, i've looked on the XtremeDelta profile, it's private, but there's a turn around, just followed him, and watched the workshop of my followed auths, no map like that if i'm not wrong
  • So, i've managed to make respawn reliable, it has a couple HUD problems we cannot overcome, but it's working all good, and also had a respawn protection.
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