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SoldiersPrivate.Carbon8SoldiersPrivate.Carbon8 Posts: 26Player
Happy Birthday buddy!

@Twitchr.Carbon8 has been a committed America's Army fan for over 15 years making frag videos, and even becoming a collector of insider information. He got me into AA during 2.6 I believe, but honestly he remembers alot more of our high school days than me. Even after struggling through AA3, and getting hopes crushed in AA:PG release, he is still hopeful to this day that America's Army 5 could be the saving grace.

We may joke about every-time he gives me an update (usually every day... saying no update); and we banter how AA5 will be announced as a completely Mobile, all micro-transaction game, a free skin for talking to your local recruiter, that features unbalanced hero's like most other FPS have evolved into --- ok ok rambling done. But seriously IF there was something in the works this community desperately needs a game to call home.

Just wanted to shout out the biggest America's Army fan that I know, and hope he has a swell birthday even tho it could end without news of AA5. Seems like another cold year for competitive FPS gaming in the next year.


  • 4DChessGenius4DChessGenius Posts: 2,161Player
    Sad to say America's Army has been dead since 2009. America's Army 3 had a very small base of players. America's Army Proving Grounds had a slightly bigger, but still very small base of players. We've been fans of this franchise, but it's a franchise that anyone in Gen Z has never heard of and most older generations have forgotten about.

    The last multiplayer game I've played consistently was PUBG about 3 years ago. Maybe some occasional CSGO, but otherwise, I'm so out of tune with the MP gaming scene. If I have any time for games these days I tend to play single player games. At least I never have to worry about cheaters.
    You joined the world's greatest army to become a graphic artist? Outstanding!
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