Ran out of video memory. Exiting...

weksauceweksauce Posts: 14Player
Still getting this on about 1/2 the custom maps and occasionally on the regular rotation maps. I have a 2060, Ryzen 4900HS, no chance this is actual hardware struggles. Something super funky still persists as a bug and probably displays the wrong error message. Obviously, my hardware, OS (Win 10 fully updated) have no trouble running this at high FPS on high quality, sometimes even get the same maps that throw this error, but sometimes not. Usually AFTER I get into game and join a team, SO I'M LOOKING AT THE MAP AND THEREFORE IT'S ALREADY FULLY LOADED INTO MEMORY!


  • -=[DISF]=-Max-=[DISF]=-Max Posts: 250Player
    there is a difference between preloading the map in Training and playing it on the server. The compilation of the shaders requires a good hardware and above all a fast primary HD with free space because the use of the vram causes this problem. usually only some maps crash, the trick to get around this error almost always works.
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    Load into a server thats playing BDX first THEN log into the server you want to play in if it's FLO.
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