#Mana The NonToxic Box Is Recruiting

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We are a Non-Toxic Community-based environment that does its best to provide an environment for you to relax and have a good time. You want to come home; sit down and relax and play a few matches of your favorite game right? Thanks to our minimal requirement system you don't have to worry about constantly being on, quotas or deadlines. We Have a tag now we are known as the mana clan. want to grow become part of the family just let me and we will get you set up on our discord and even you don't wanna join the clan you can stay on with us a supporter of the mana clan Happy gaming !. Our Only Requirement is that you get along with Your Fellow Clan Members And Grow As A team to be recognized as a powerful cohesive team in the game and grow as an individual as well this is a place you can come to. to relax as a clan member or a supporter all up to. Whatever is better for your playstyle and life. we will accept you with open arms. Have a great day AAPGERS!
  1. Whats Your Playstyle?7 votes
    1. LoneWolf
    2. Team Medic ?
    3. Are You A Scout? Efficent Callouts and so on


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