2nd Infantry Division

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About Us

The 2nd Infantry Division Realism Unit was founded in the early weeks of March of 2021. With one goal in mind, to provide a professional and immersive virtual military environment by utilizing real-world tactics, techniques, and procedures used by the United States Army. We strive to achieve this goal by establishing a strong foundation back by experience and knowledge gather over the years.

Why Us

With the 2nd Infantry Division Realism Unit being a new unit, competing with older groups will be challenging yet we won’t let that stop us. We are looking to provide a unique environment for those who enjoy role-playing in a realistic fashion. Those who understand that being in a realism unit requires dedication and commitment. Since we are a new unit, new members will be able to climb the ranks quicker, will have access to different elements once opened, and more.


We are looking to get enough guys to where we could host tournaments against other clans and within out own community for awards and medals.

Unit Schedule

Monday: Free / Patrol Ops.

Tuesday: Free / Patrol Ops.

Wednesday: Free / Patrol Ops.

Thursday: Free / Patrol Ops.

Friday: Free / Patrol Ops.

Saturday: Squad Drills
Sunday: Platoon Drills

Requirements to Join

Must be 16 years of age or older.

Must have a legal copy of AAPG

Must have Teamspeak 3 installed.

Must have a working microphone and speakers or headset.

Must be willing to play in a realistic fashion.

Must be willing to follow Standard Operating Procedures and Unit Policies.

How to Join

Register and submit your application here: https://www.2ndinf.us/ [Work in Progress]


Feel free to join our discord server or teamspeak server, if you still have questions and answers.

Discord Link:https://discord.gg/Xa2eMtrMq5


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    I recommend promoting your clan at the official discord server if you haven't already. You're going to get a bit more eyeballs there.

    Also, Good luck with trying to apply real-world Army tactics on this game. Especially in competitive matches. Number wise, you're good with squad drills cause that's only 9 people but platoon level drills are going to impossible in this game, cause a platoon tends to have around 40 soldiers.

    Also, in a real scenario, the Army would try to avoid things such as 8v8 or 16v16. The army wants to maintain that 3:1 ratio, so realistically speaking, Army would send in a whole platoon (pretty much) to deal with a squad. Or at least as many as they can to get as close to the 3:1 as possible. In a real scenario, A squad would break contact against an enemy squad (not to be confused with retreating/running away) and radio to higher for reinforcements and further instructions.

    I'm not trying to knock off the whole role-playing thing though, just want you keep in mind that this game doesn't' offer much in terms of how the army would truly engage in a combat scenario at the squad level.

    That said your clan sounds like it would be a -lot of fun for those who like role-playing. Or just want to do something new in the game.
    Army SROTC Cadet

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    Appreciate your input!

    We are still recruiting and looking for squad leaders! Visit at our website!
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    This feels like the rebirth of 3rdinf
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