Why does my profile show I have 30824.4 days played?

... That's 84 years of play time


  • [soldier][soldier] Posts: 171Player
    edited March 16
    There is a bug in either the stats engine or the way the game reports playing time to the stats engine where an undetermined set of circumstances causes a corrupted value to be added to the playing time total. Once that happens the total hours are basically trashed.

    We are looking at ways to recalculate total playing time values to something more accurate for aastats.com, however since we do not have a full set of match statistics since the game began we would have to do some estimating.
  • BoGuS_KEKBoGuS_KEK Posts: 2Player
    There is bugs in all parts of this game....since we (USA clan) got attacked almost 2 years ago I cannot play this game for more than 15 mins without loosing connection or getting kicked for some reason no one can explain!!!! this game is dead..... maybe the dev's should do a downgrade instead of an upgrade...cause it worked well before all this BS.
    moving on to some other game!
  • [soldier][soldier] Posts: 171Player
    Participation could certainly be much better but the game is definitely not dead.


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