Map ''OilRig''

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With the lockdown and no daycare, Im broken up in the evening to be able to game
Fortunately, during the day I do have moments when I can work with the editor and messing around a bit

Hope you will like the map

Briefing :

A new map called '' OilRig ''

An oil platform taken over by a terrorist organization.

The terrorists have deactivated several streams, creating a threat of large explosions.
The flow of oil is now blocked, so many countries cannot get their oil

Prevent this together with your special ops team and Activate 3 valves or Hack the CP

You are dropped via a blackhawk helicopter, just as the workers have fled in a large container ship that is ready to leave at any moment
Once the ship has left, your team will have free access to the platform to take out the terrorists

You have 5 min, good luck

Servername: -SD- | OilRig | -ACI-
Running on server ip:

Download map Link






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AA2 Hospital


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