How do I disable PunkBuster requirements for a private server?

I have set up an America's Army server on AWS for my kids. It works great but many kids have problems with PunkBuster (kids get various errors, like "PB init failure", and they get kicked). How can I set my AA server to not enforce PB on the players?


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    Unfortunately, this answer won't help. I know how to fix Steam in the client. What I am trying is to disable Steam on the server side. I have installed AAPG on a Linux server on AWS. I used the 'steamcmd' installation. Now, if you browse for AAPG servers, you will see that "Official Servers" and various servers operate without Punkbuster. I am trying to do the same thing. In other words, I am trying to configure my AAPG server so that PB clients not be needed.
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    Never mind! I found how to disable PB on the server. There is a pb folder with a config file located under the binaries folder (Binaries/Linux). The config file is named pbsvgame.cfg. The value needs to be changed to 0.
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    Instead of turning Punkbuster off, visit and have them download/install it.
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