The runs slowly and lag

Hi everyone!
My game is running very slowly and lags a lot. it came to the point where I can no longer play.
I checked my internet connection, I updated every driver, upgraded my RAM and uninstalled then reinstalled the game... twice.

Help me!


  • Dct.F|LeventeDct.F|Levente Posts: 624Beta Tester
    Is the lag coming from your internet connection? Or do you have low FPS?
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  • -]H[-Feertti-]H[-Feertti Posts: 12Player
    I realized that most effect to lag or slide show show up was because of monitor.
    When I got new monitor 165HZ and I set up windows and gc sw to 165HZ and also set game fps to 165 then game started to run smootly.
    I suppose if you set game video sttings fps to your monitor HZ and set Framerate Smooting ON then game should run smooter.
  • ~Gorilla~~Gorilla~ Posts: 793Administrator
    Few things you can try.

    1) In the search bar type run then in Run type %temp% Delete everything in this folder it is memory that your ram is using and the files that should not be deleted Windows will not allow you to delete like FXSAPIDebugLogFile.

    2) If using windows 10 and using a laptop right click your Battery icon next to you date and time. Click onto power and sleep settings/ additional power setting/ click the arrow on Show additional plans on battery meter and click and change setting to High performance. This will increase game performance and all other programs.

    3) Adjust Performance Options- Right click on the start menu icon/ click on system/ on left side go to advanced system settings/ Advanced/ Performance/ Settings/ click Adjust for best performance hit apply and ok.

    4) Adjust System Configurations- In the search bar type run/ type in misconfig then hit ok/ go to Boot tab in timeout boot time change it to 5 sec not 30.

    5) Turn off start up programs- In the search bar type run/ type in misconfig then hit ok/ go to start up tab and hit open task manager/ disable programs you do not use unless you use them right away or they are antivirus programs. Restart.

    6) Turn off privacy settings for windows 10- In the search bar type type in privity settings/ turn everything off/ Feedback & diagnostics change to never on windows should ask for my feedback.

    7)Delete Programs and apps off you computer you do not need to clear up space

    8) Check you Deice Manager and make sure that everything is up to date.

    9) Insure you are using the proper res in game.
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