Non-Toxic Gaming Community.

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First off let me start here; YES there is such a thing as a non-toxic group; so please do not bothering replying with your toxic or petty responses. ( This is not my first rodeo amongst the toxicity that exists in FPS Games. )

Next, let me explain what our version of a non-toxic environment is; We are not beyond playful ribbing and poking; cursing is allowed and is not a big deal. However we do not tolerate Trolling; Racism; Homophobic language; hackers or glitchers; or toxic behavior such as directly attacking a player in-game by calling them; or your team Trash, or telling someone how stupid they are.

As of this moment we do not have a tag or clan name; however we are a rather large active group of non-toxic players and the numbers are increasing everyday.

Once I have filled our staff positions entirely I intend on holding a submission and vote from everyone in the community who wishes to partake in setting up our "clan" name and tag; into which it will be voted on by the entire community at a later date

If this is the type of environment you seek whether you are in a clan or not ( we are entirely open to having guests in our discord; as we actively promote using the text channels in our discord to build friendship and to keep a closely knit gaming community for any and all of the games that we play on ) then I highly encourage you to join our discord here:

Once you have joined up; please message any of the founders to let us know rather you wish to be a guest ( people whom are not sure if they want to fully join or not ) | A supporter ( Someone who is already in a clan; but wishes to support our ideals ) | Or a recruit ( someone who wishes to join and actively support our cause )

Thank you for your time; I appreciate all of you whom this thread applies to and I hope to see you on our discord!

(Also we do actively fill our server up around 6pm CST6 every night; The IP is: )



  • Good luck! :+1:
  • Vicious#MANAVicious#MANA Posts: 10Player
    Good luck! :+1:

    Thank you Lord Damian; I really appreciate it :)
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    +1 Glad you guys are around
  • Vicious#MANAVicious#MANA Posts: 10Player
    +1 Glad you guys are around

    Thanks man; glad you and your group dropped in the other night :)
  • I just got back into AA after years away from the game, and FPS games in general.

    Within a week or so I had been into The Non-Toxic Box, and what a breath of fresh air it was.

    Straight away I was welcomed to the server by VisciousFaye, and within a week or so of that it was one of only 3 servers I play regularly. The other two server have very similar styles from with their Admin teams.

    When I was invited to join I jumped at the chance, and I am glad I did, already feels like I've known some of the people there for years. We work very hard to keep the Server Non-Toxic so everyone has a place to play without being hassled.

    I started playing around 1.2 or 1.3, and I was in Clan for until late 2005. I've been in the Non-Toxic Box group for about a month and already the place feels like "home" in terms of a gaming clan.

    Big thanks to ViciousFaye and all the team there.

    All The Best
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