AA V 2.5 which clan u remember it



  • ^D3v!L+^D3v!L+ Posts: 16Player
    I was in:
    nice. and [DinA] amongst other- hope to see the aapg or the next version of americas army flourish and not only have a 300 (1000 in peak years) active playerbase - the game is way To good to not have an at last 20.000 player playerbase imo. :)
  • ^NMG^Tsunami~~~^NMG^Tsunami~~~ Posts: 0Player
    No Mercy Given
  • Hc|Captain(HUN)Hc|Captain(HUN) Posts: 113Player
    Yes, [SWISS] i do remember with more then 50 clanmembers. It was a great time with a lot of fun. And it was a perfect game....

    Loved those times Merlin. Hope you guys doing great since then.

    Hc|Captain(HUN) -
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