hey guys, its me again 2 years later. Its 12:38am on a Thursday morning and I was just wondering do you guys miss it? GunR? the late nights staying up with each other grinding to get that new paint? Having to suffer through iron sights for 1k kills? I just wanted to say I miss yall, all of GunR - Gun Runner, Drerex, Germa, Kat, and the rest of you. We had good times, we had good nights, we had good convos, I am just sad it all ended so soon. If any of you find you're way back to this site, my discord is palmer#2772 , feel free to add me, I wanna catch up with you guys


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    Sapper and Frantik are still around. Played with em tonight in GMaster's Funhouse server. I know for a long time they were doing COD and some other stuff on twitch.
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    i dont know if you remeber me i was silverstone68 was have one server B2K=Born to Kill server??i fell i have see your namn but im not 100% sure.
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