Brazil Gaming League - AAPG

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Hello, after a long 4 years we are back and happy.

After the last Brazilian season AAPG (in 2016) we resumed 2020 with full force and started the Brazilian season 2020 America's Army Proving Grounds.

I am very happy to share this information with you and the league is open to everyone in america.

Special thanks to Mr. JohnRambo89 from AAOLeague, who in the past tried to create a Liga SA, which didn't work out, but served as an inspiration for us Brazilians to make our scenario more fun and safe and that's thanks to him, thanks.

Thanks to Nohope for the excellent work called MOSS. The Brazil Gaming League uses and approves MOSS.

Liga website:
Live: we are working out the details of the broadcasts, but we are already broadcasting the matches live
Youtube Channel: Nabucodosonor gameplay

Thank you all and I'm sorry for the horrible English.
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