.Seba..Seba. Posts: 1Player

I have not been able to log into the game for a week when I try to get this message


  • artetartet Posts: 2Player
    Same with me. Some ppl on steam report the same and we all use windows 7.
  • SR.GATOSR.GATO Posts: 2Player
    a mi no me aparecen los servidores alguien me puede ayudar
  • MewtwoMewtwo Posts: 307Player
    okey all is this clear out your virus look in at c:/ and if you see like this at 2 files khfdsjkhfksjdhfkjsdhf or wewkfjhsdfhsdjklfhsdjk i dont remeber what that letters are but scroll donw at c:/ and you will see this and allso if you cant get it off at your virus program then i have one virus program you take this virus off.GOOD LUCK
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