Looking for active clan

Hey there, looking for an active group of people to play AA With. I used to play back in the day during 1.5+ Through AAO2. Barely played 3 and stopped for a long period of time. Brings back such old memories. I recently got back into it. Been playing everyday, getting obsessed again. Thank you!


  • [DFekt].L.D.50[DFekt].L.D.50 Posts: 29Player
    What was your old AA name if you can remember back that far?

    http://dfektgaming.com for more information.

    The comp side is closed up for the moment since we're doing AAL but pub playing isn't a problem.
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  • MortonGlassworksMortonGlassworks Posts: 4Player
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    I played a lot of pipeline, bridge, mount McKenna and Weapons Cache. My name was WcW-SemperFi. I have been playing with a couple of your members. I was honor 77 when I stepped away
  • MortonGlassworksMortonGlassworks Posts: 4Player
    Public is perfect for now
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