Steam to PSN profiles reset

MHOGzusMHOGzus Posts: 4Player
YEARS ago i completed all of the training, and had spent literal months of ingame time, and now as soon as i input a psn account, im back to recruit.
Ive looked and looked, and all i see is "we're working on it".
I can not even view my profile via my profile link, it literally doesnt load.
what can i do here? i logged back in to steam, loaded AA and guess what, Im a [TOS Violation] recruit on PC too. I'll delete the [TOS Violation] game if all of my years of playing are wasted.


  • MHOGzusMHOGzus Posts: 4Player
    I started playing AA many,many years ago.. before steam was even a thing. I'm angry that all of my progress has been reset to zero.
    Has anyone been through this an actually got their stats back?
  • MHOGzusMHOGzus Posts: 4Player
    edited August 2020
    nevermind guys, im deleting and uninstalling. over 10 years of stats were just wiped clean and not on [TOS Violation] given. your technical support is [TOS Violation].
    i was emailed and told to use the drop down menu on "my profile page" which does not load for me..
    [rolls eyes] no wonder aa kept getting bumped off my play list.
  • Duke_AudiDuke_Audi Posts: 348Beta Tester
    I have no idea how or why you think you should have 10 years of stats. The Open Beta version only came out 7 years ago. The full open version was released 5 years ago and everyone started that version with 0 stats. (Anything gained in Open Beta was wiped.) So at the most you had five years of stats. Yes I can see how frustrating it might be. However, throwing a tantrum and stomping off in a huff isn't going to fix it. But, you do what's right for you. We'll be here when you come back.
  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,077Moderator
    Stats have never carried over from version to version, as Duke stated, you can max have stats from the release of the last version, and stats earned on one platform dont carry over either as its not the same game.
  • MHOGzusMHOGzus Posts: 4Player
    my original question was about stats carrying over, oh though i started aa before steam was even around, my stats were there. last week my stats were there, now its not.
    have fun guys.
  • ~Gorilla~~Gorilla~ Posts: 793Administrator
    Stats do not carry over from game to game. As stated beta stat where whipped after official game release. Also stats never carried from any version to another. AA to AA2 nothing, AA2 to AA3 nothing, and aa3 to AA4 the same. No stats carry from 1 part of the series to the other.
  • SL_zOmbiSL_zOmbi Posts: 124Player
    to be honest....
    does it matter? - since its just a number in front of your name.
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