Creating an Estate in Central America... Could use advice

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Ok, so while this is very early, and quick work, i could use advice on what PCs people are running these days, as i get a bit of dips down to 80FPS, however i am using mostly 8K textures and many 4K textures:

It's just the insertion to the Estate, lots of work to do, but good advice would be helpful as to texture resolution and Poly (Tri) Count:


  • Reason3DReason3D Posts: 30Player
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    Ok, so i've deduced from importing the meshes into 3dsMax, each foliage plant and tree costs 1,000-2,000 triangles.

    As InterpActors, they will be very immersive due to brushing with them, they will move upon pawn (player) contact... but the video is simply one team's insertion, built with Spawn Protection in mind, plus what better way to sneak into a Private Estate than the jungle (yes, i know the stone wall is rather short, but since rappelling is present in neither Insurgency Sandstorm, nor AA:PG, i figured it would be best.

    It was originally developed in UE4 editor, using Volumetric HeightFog with Light Shafts on the DirectionalDynamic Light... much neeeds to be done, but i am hoping to get feedback on the worthiness of a Hi-Resolution map in AA:PG, or i might switch to another game, because nobody would be able to load it, etc.

    I should be able to drop the 8k, and 4k, textures to 2K, and 1K, respectively.
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