Problem getting my server listed

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Hello. I tried to find what I am doing wrong but can't find what the problem is

I can't find the server in the list but can connect to it with IP

I getting this error in the consol when starting the game
[0005.55] ScriptLog: Init Game: ?Name=Player?Team=255
[0005.55] ScriptWarning: No game settings to register with the online service. Game won't be advertised
        AAGameVeteran BDX_Siege_EX.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.AAGameVeteran_0
        Function Engine.GameInfo:RegisterServer:02CC
[0005.55] ScriptLog: ?Name=Player?Team=255

Anyone got a idea I have open all the port that is needed. I even tried to turn of the firewall completely no luck there.

There is no NAT on this server it have a public IP

I found the problem!

The problem was a port that was not open I needed to open 7780 and when I tried to search for the server in the server list I hade show empty to no

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