Not amassing points

Windham12Windham12 Posts: 2Player
I finally reached 40 rank! And every since then (week or so ago) I have not been able to gain any more points! At the end of a map my rank embalem flashes the words "rank up!", and I recieve no points for the map. Please help! Windham12.


  • jgvn11jgvn11 Posts: 92Marine Corp Active Duty
    You won't see the points added to your rank in game anymore. But they are still being added.
    You can double check it against your overall experience points on this site. Go to your stats from your profile, see what the number is, play a few matches, and go back to see if it increases.
  • Windham12Windham12 Posts: 2Player
    Awesome! Thanks for posting. I was starting to lose it.
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