Game crashes my PC on certain maps

Darth.TaterDarth.Tater Posts: 4Player
My PC crashes to reboot everytime I play certain maps but not others. It crashes on Homestead and Intercept last night. But I played Uptown and Watchdog just fine. This happens after the rounds starts, not in spectate mode.
I have tried playing in windowed mode and no help.
I am using Windows 10 64bit, GTX 1660 all drivers are up to date.


  • Tal256Tal256 Posts: 4Player
    This sounds like the similar problem we are having in the other thread above video memory which has been getting worse recently for some players.
  • Darth.TaterDarth.Tater Posts: 4Player
    I can play certain maps just fine and some I can spectate and when I play PC reboots after I join and the round starts. Sometime it may let me play a minute or so.

    This did not happen when I was using Windows 7, I upgraded to Windows 10 and it started happening.
  • =[101st]=Wolverine=[101st]=Wolverine Posts: 1,169Beta Tester
    It's a problem that need to be fixed. I"ve PM'd the DEV's waiting on a response.
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