Loading into server issues


I am having issues with connectivity to AA servers. I have been playing this game since before it was on steam. back in 2017 i stopped playing for 3 years or so. Few weeks ago i downloaded the game and tried to log in. I was able to get into the game and pull up the servers list. When i selected a server i got a loading message with a dots around it. That screen was up for 15 minutes and didn't log me into the game. I figured there might have been some punk buster issues (in the past i remember there were a lot of punk busters problems). I went and manually ran punk buster and added the game etc. Was not able to long in and the loading screen was the same. I went through my firewall and made sure that it was allowing punkbuster A and B as well as the game itself and the issue still remained. I went through game authentication and the issue remained. After excessive amount of research i uninstall the game then re-installed, uninstalled punk buster and re-installed, and the issue remained.

I noticed that i can get into server that are just official server only when the server is moving into a new map (restarts). I am able to log in and play with no issues. However, as soon as i leave to enter another server i am not able to log in.

Can you please let me know what the issue might be? If it is easier for you to identify the issue i can do a screen share. I am on Pacific Standard Time.



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