Dynamic Ranking 6 VS 6 Competition

I.AM.NOOBI.AM.NOOB Posts: 2Player
About the Event

The FINAL event will take place on the 20 June 2020 at 19:00 on the Dynamic Ranking Server.
First match will be played on 06 June 2020 at 17:00 on the Dynamic Ranking Server.

Game Rules:

1. No cheating.
2. No Glitching.
3. No communication with opposition when match is live.
4. One life.
5. 5-6 players per team. (Doesn't have to be from same clan.)
6. Jumping and shooting is tolerated.
7. If a player is AFK he is not to join spectate. (op1. Leave server op2. afk at spawn)
8. Once the match is live there is no changes to the team members.

Prize Pool:

1st Place = 100 euro for clan
2nd Place = 50 euro for clan
3rd Place = 25euro for clan

*Prize will be directly transfered to clan Owner

Event will only take place if we get at least 4 teams to play.

Link to my steam : https://steamcommunity.com/id/231312313qqq/
Link to Sign Up : https://dynamicranking2020.wixsite.com/dr2020/event-details/dynamic-ranking
Teamspeak3 IP : draapg.tsdns.pl
E-sport Event 1v1
  1. Do you want me to organise a 1v1 event with a similar prize pool ?2 votes
    1. Yes!!
    2. No!!


    edited April 2020
    I love the idea, AAL is also around the corner so hope you get people to join.
    Also, please. Don't call it E-Sports, makes me wanna spoon out my eyes >.<
    eSports is the correct term.
  • runtnutruntnut Posts: 2Player
    is there a age limit

    and do you have to play with your own clan
  • I.AM.NOOBI.AM.NOOB Posts: 2Player
    is there a age limit

    and do you have to play with your own clan

    you just need a team of 5-6 players doesnt matter if its same clan as long as its the same team all the way through
  • iDK.ArkeiroiDK.Arkeiro Posts: 775Player
    edited April 2020
    I think you're just wasting your money, the game is already old enough to understand it doesnt have future for competitions. I apreciate your dedication though, hope you have fun hosting it.

    Over 2k Golden Hawkeyes.
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