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What can be done to people using a clans tags, with no request to join or no communication at all,

just today a few of my clan mates said someone they have never seen before with our clan tags on, the only other problem is that the clan is strictly Australian/New Zealand players, and this player is from Thailand, im not saying i have a problem with anyone from other countries just dont know what someone can get upto doing such a thing with no prior communication.


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    Letting the community know about the player in forums and clans would be your best bet. Just make sure you don't do anything that goes against the clans forum rules. For instance it is against the rules to center out a player in this forum. So do not post the players name here.

    Also going to anti cheat sites and posting there is a great idea as well.
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    i noticed that and quickly edited the post after you had edited it, my apologies it wont happen again, alot of aus keep intouch so it should'nt be to difficult to inform everyone,

    thanks i will have a look at these sites and see what can be done.

    Thank you
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    ACI offers a free clan tag protection service for any clan who streams a game server to us. It doesn't cover players on official servers or servers who don't stream to us, but the majority of them do.


    Clan Tag Protection system is operational
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