The Talking Dead

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I love America's Army... It's become my favorite game as of recent, as I've always been into war games, and always liked the Call Of Duty series, along with other popular first-person shooters. So, needless to say I've spent a lot of hours on Proving Grounds as of recent. However, like any other game that one falls in love with, there are flaws...

And the worst flaw of all is the talking dead. It's even worse than the egregious matchmaking where I (level 8) and a team of guys and gals under level 20 are playing an entire team full of level 40 or 50 somethings with clan tags and usernames like FaCeLeSSF4Ze and eNDLeSSToRTuRE or ReDeMPTioN666... Even worse than the hoards of twelve year olds screaming racial obscenities... Even worse than janky controls where someone is shooting me in the back while I try to escape through a window that won't let me jump through it...

Is the TALKING DEAD. The guys who sit there and talk [TOS Violation] about your, or other players' gameplay as they lay dead on the floor after they've already been killed, as if they're in any position to criticize how anyone else is playing. Granted, the feature is highly useful because you can let your teammates know where enemies were when you were downed. It's just unfortunate that people often use it as just another opportunity to talk [TOS Violation] to people.

If you can still speak with your teammates and you're observing their gameplay, try helping them out if they didn't spot an enemy that you saw at the corner of the screen or something. It's so bizarre to me that people will sit there and get frustrated watching someone else play because they think "I would've survived that situation" when, in reality, they've already been killed, sometimes twice. So, yeah, shoulda', coulda', woulda'. Sounds good.
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  • jgvn11jgvn11 Posts: 92Marine Corp Active Duty
    Just mute them.
  • LWOF_BrOkenArrowLWOF_BrOkenArrow Posts: 378Player
    Well, so long as players have the ability to speak, they'll say what they want.

    If a person is bugging you, you can always mute em.
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