Have another platform to play AA.

I have an idea and I hope you agree that I play army america (AA). This in the mobile platform taken advantage of in this year 2020 with the ease of cell phones with its incredible capacity for detailed graphics, RAM and internal memory, the games would be able to play in all users on cell phones.


  • -e^1-bumblebee^-e^1-bumblebee^ Posts: 24Player
    Bad idea. AA is not a game for the masses.
  • -[U|S|A]-Gorilla-[U|S|A]-Gorilla Posts: 731Administrator
    I lot of game has turned their attention to cell mob devises. Not that its not a bad idea but I am not sure how that would play out. I feel like there is to many functions and key needed for a cell phone to handle. But I have been wrong before.
  • RollingInTheHurtRollingInTheHurt Posts: 200Player
    Didn't they try that a while back with their "GoArmy Edge" mobile apps that was about fun as playing 1983 Tetris?
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