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hi all i dont know if you to have this.today i start the game at aapg and when i was in game pb kick me and i update that pb and was same again i was in training and that working no kick but when i join some server i be kick from pb but this is not only me its some more player who be kick fom pb so you know that error.


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    hmm, take a screen shot from console after you have kicked, it shows kick reason
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    I can confirm that pb kicks now very often. i see this on my servers with a lot of log entries. strange thing. And i see this after the update of december 2019.
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    i did not say that is because of the update, but it could be. the log entries are:

    2020.01.11-15.32.09 [34394.25] Log: PunkBuster Server: New Connection (slot #1) NN.NNN.NN.52:54519 [?] "USER" (seq 4730024)
    2020.01.11-15.32.09 [34394.25] Log: PunkBuster Server: Player GUID Computed 000000000000000NNNNNNNNNNNNN(VALID) (slot #1) NN.NNN.NN.52:54519 USER
    2020.01.11-15.32.09 [34394.55] Log: PunkBuster Server: RESTRICTION: USER (slot #1) [000000000000000NNNNNNNNNNNNN(VALID) NN.NNN.NN.52:54519] Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrA.exe
    2020.01.11-15.32.09 [34394.55] ScriptLog: Force kicking player USER
    2020.01.11-15.32.09 [34394.55] KickBanLog: (AAAccessControl_37) AAAccessControl::AAAccessControl:ForceKickPlayer( AAPlayerController_1, PunkBuster kicked player 'USER' (for 0 minutes) ... RESTRICTION: Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrA.exe )
    2020.01.11-15.32.09 [34394.55] KickBanLog: Kicking Client.
    2020.01.11-15.32.09 [34394.55] KickBanLog: Notifying Client with reason: PunkBuster kicked player 'USER' (for 0 minutes) ... RESTRICTION: Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrA.exe

    by the way: thanks a lot for the new features for admins. great job!
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    Game updates do not interfere with PunkBuster, so don't worry about that. These kicks are common with new players joining this game, mostly because they are running a out-dated PunkBuster version. Sadly the PunkBuster provided by the game itself from steam is out-dated and doesn't use the version of PunkBuster that auto updates when joining a server and the server checks the version.

    New players and/or fresh installs for this game requires a manual update with:

    Running this update will most likely fix the issue for most of the players, if this issue persist, players should check their firewall and/or anti virus is not blocking PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe.

    Edit: If any developer has the chance to read this, please include an up-to-date version of PunkBuster in the installation files on steam to avoid problems like these in the future.

    H.E.A.T. wrote: »

    From what I can see from your screenshot PunkBuster doesn't launch correctly when connecting the game server, this might have to do of being blocked and/or an error that can happen from time to time. On your system PnkBstrA doesn't launch PnkBstrB. It should look like;

    Changing PunkBuster homepath to [C:\Users\USR\AppData\Local\PunkBuster\PG\pb\]
    Attempting to resolve master7.evenbalance.com
    Resolved to [] (14)
    PunkBuster Client (v2.341 | A0 w) Enabled
    Game Version [295917]
    Connected to Server
    PB Services socket initialized
    PnkBstrA successfully loaded PnkBstrB <--
    PB Server assigned guid = PLAYER_GUID
    Receiving from PB Server (w v1.892 | A1376 C2.341)
    PnkBstrB service installed and started successfully <--

    A simple solution when this happens is closing the game, opening Task Manager -> Processes then find PnkBstrB (32 bit), right click on that and press End Task. Then launch the game, join a server and see if you get the message in console PnkBstrA successfully loaded PnkBstrB.

    If that doesn't work valid PunkBuster with;

    After that run;

    Then launch the game again and watch for the message in console again.
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    Thank you very much for this information. I did know that, but as i can see, since december 2019, i have a lot of this error on my SERVERS. By myself i dont have problems with punkbuster, all fine.

    What i ment is that when some players join one of my servers (#### Servername), i have a lot more kicks by this error then before the update was released. You may be correct with new players and old punkbuster versions, but that much?

    And i do run those #### servers for more then a year and i never had big problems with them. So PnkBstrB.exe will only be executed when you start to play, not only running a server.

    But thanks anyway for your help.
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