Banned from server for no reason

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Hey people. I was playing on the [Mod Edit] server and out of nowhere got kicked.
When I tried to rejoin I am met with a message saying "You may not play on this server"
which sounds like a ban.
For a bit more context I was just playing on the server and I was getting most kills on my team.
I never heard anyone talking about me cheating or saying anything(which I was not of course)
So I don't understand why I got banned. I tried asking for an unban on their gamtracker page
but I didn't get any response. It has been over a month since the ban and it would be nice to get to play
on that server again. I don't know if this is the right place to post this but it's worth a try.
So thank you for reading this and hopefully a [Mod Edit] member can unban me, unless they have a valid reason for keeping the ban, which I believe they don't

- Sebb


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    Please read the forum rules +Sebb12+
    I am sorry to hear that your having some issue with getting into a server. The best way to go about it is to try to contact them from their website, chat server or GT in you case. However private owners do have the right to pick who they want to play with. Their for they can ban you from their privately owned server for any reason they see fit. If you unable to get their attention then I would suggest picking another server.

    GGs and Good Luck.
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