Game issues since patch

The game crashes during map changes, video memory loss error's, and mid game crashes what did you guys do that is causing this wide spread problem. Yes you can join another server and then re-join but how about just fixing it?


  • =[101st]=Muzza455=[101st]=Muzza455 Posts: 1,101Player
    Seems something got broke . I have 6gb gpu and 40gb v memory/ paging setup across 2 drives and still i get same issues as most are getting . Having to join an official server before opening server browser to join our own umm server even if it on official default map.
  • [SAAC]Beddo[SAAC]Beddo Posts: 2Player
    I have some problems on some maps, the game crash on maps like MilitaryBase and some more. I have removed maps from Workshop Content, canceled the subscriptions and subscribed again but nothing seems to work.
  • 13Cav.Kendmac13Cav.Kendmac Posts: 92Player
    i have had some success in the past with doing a search on my drive for *.upk and deleting them all. Normally finds 800 or so of them. after i have deleted them i verify integrity of game files and it redownloads them and then it seems to work again
  • =[101st]=Wolverine=[101st]=Wolverine Posts: 1,169Beta Tester
    I posted this long time ago. Doesn't matter what type of PC you have, You can have a NASA PC that shoots rockets into space , you will still crash. Because the game has major GPU memory leak, It happened somewhere down the line with one of the patches. Just bring up your TASK MANAGER and load into a Custom map server and watch your memory just max out. you need 2 monitors to see it. I found this during level designing.
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