No sound in game, bluetooth headset

Mark9000Mark9000 Posts: 1Player

I no longer have sound available in game. VOIP works when I test it, but sound doesn't work. I use a bluetooth headset so I'm not sure what the problem could be.

I suppose I could try a wired headset, but I'd rather try and use what I already have than spend more money.

I don't have speakers for my pc which is why I use an earbud headset.


= Mark


  • [DFekt].L.D.50[DFekt].L.D.50 Posts: 37Player
    Make sure your settings ingame are set to that earbud headset. Also you will have to do it with your windows properties aswell.
    Owner/Leader - DFekt Gaming
  • AE.|flipAE.|flip Posts: 8Player
    have you set it to your designated default playback in settings >> audio
    sometimes it does it to me and yeah reboot the game.
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