Game crashes PC

Darth.TaterDarth.Tater Posts: 4Player
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I recently updated my PC from Win 7 SP1 to Win 10. Now when I play AA I am fine unless I play Homestead or Stone Ruins. My pc will restart after round starts. I have tried running AA in Win 7 compatibility mode and nothing works. I have an Nvidia 1660 with newest drivers and Win 10 is up to date. I see ne errors in the AA log file it just cuts off as the pc restarts. I did get it to run longer if I decrease the resolution to low resolution 800x600.

Any thoughts would be appreciated


  • Darth.TaterDarth.Tater Posts: 4Player
    Today it crashed on Overload as well after a few minutes.
  • KungzKungz Posts: 4Player
    pc overheating?
  • doogle!doogle! Posts: 713Player
    Agreed with Kungz...those maps are graphics intensive (aka garbage foliage and whatnot). Open up your pooter and spray it with some compressed air and see what happens.
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