Error in custom mad map

Hi - spend a lot time to create a map.

I'm able to play it within the basic editor.
I'm also able to publish the map to steam (
It's possible to download the map and to play the map within the trainings area.
It's also possible to download the map to a private server.
BUT - not working is, to see the map in the map list or play the map on the server.

I compared these map with an other working one - and for me it looks like, that there is something missing in the file name (please see details below) --> "flo_GardenV1$76561198066315047_.umap".

If I'm adding manually e.g. a "cu" after the second "_", the map is getting visible on my server. It is now possible to load the map - but the map loading is failing. I assume based on the wrong "extension" (cu).

As you can see below, during the publish process the file name generation is already wrong - so has from my point of view nothing to do with Steam - or any following processes or tasks.

It would be great if someone could spend some time to assist fixing my custom map.

Thank you in advance


  • ={101st}=Muzza455={101st}=Muzza455 Posts: 1,051Player
    I am out today but will check tonight if you like.
  • -SD-DELTON-ACI--SD-DELTON-ACI- Posts: 1,438Player
    edited September 28
    Your missing what the map is at the end like this
    Is it take & hold=th or extraction=ex you see what I mean what game mode is also you don't need to have umap at the end of name when you add it to your server.
    If its a take & hold map it should look like this
    You may need to set this in editor I will leave muzza to explain how to do that.
  • ={101st}=Muzza455={101st}=Muzza455 Posts: 1,051Player
    OK so delton is correct your map name should read...
    this is added inside the world properties for your map under mission info . Mission type . you will see this line just under time limit
    just type in th and save th map.
    then re publish the map.
    when you copy the name from properties of your map file to add into the server files you must remove the .umap from the end of it.
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