Mute player in game(chat text) 2

i think you dont understand me sir you say at they need to be admin right?? and this player or other dont have right to admin but iask you again when they mute me they cant see my text becouse they are not admin.i understand you.what you say but i waiting for gorilla to answer me becouse i find that and i think is abug or??is it??if you say at im call someone or hacking yee let me know it from you then okej.) i have bean hear for years and see whats happing but i guess is free game how im kiding about??


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    To be honest, I have trouble understanding what you mean. I'm NOT accusing you or anyone with cheating/hacking, I have no clue from where you got that.

    Can you please rephrase your question, so someone like me can understand it?
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    Sins the previous thread was closed by staff it means that the discussion is over, not that its okey to continue in a new thread.
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