Settings of Objectives

Was hoping someone can help me with setting of my objectives.

I have two take and hold objectives. They start out assigned to defence .

to win Assault needs to take both objectives.
If one or no objectives are taken by assault then Defence should win.

I have them set up correctly for Assault so if they take both then they win.

Haven't a clue how to make it so defence wins if that doesnt happen.

any help would be much appreciated


  • 13Cav.Kendmac13Cav.Kendmac Posts: 92Player
    With help from Lobo, seems like Take and hold will not work, and i need to make it activate. If i look at the properties of say X it is already activate, but under objectives in mission flow it shows as take and hold X. If i create a new map and insert an activate objective then it shows correctly as Activate object X in the mission flow.

    I have deleted the objective in the map and put a new one in , but it still shows as take and hold X..

    I have changed the
    Mission type to ac
    Objective Template to Activate
    under game type i have changed Default game type to AAGameVeteran and for PIE also to AAGameVeteran.

    Any help would be appreciated on changing this to an activate map
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