The game wont start

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I get this problem now almost everyday....When i open my steam and i try to launch the game. It kind of starts to download some update (FOR AA: PG) but for real it doesnt. (the site of the file its "downloading" is 0.00gb)

It takes about 4 minutes and then it starts to do that again, and again , and again..
The only way i have found to fix it is that i completely shut down my pc once or twice and then it works.
So annoying when you just want to have a quick game like right now and its impossible.

Tried also to reinstall the PB several times..also used Steam for checking if any of the AA : PG files are damaged. Usually it finds 2-5 files damaged.

Sounds familiar to anyone?


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    2 files damaged is normal as the game changes them during play

    Are you sure that it's not from the workshop?
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