Optimization Guide for Laptops

ChiiiToH again here,
So, I've been registered to this game for 3 years. Yeah, 3 YEARS. But have never put any hours in on PC. I meant, I put 2 hours in trying to optimize my at the time, tower computer Windows Vista, with DirectX 7.0(.)
Well, I am sure that most nowadays don't really play this game to much seeing as it hasn't had any MAJOR (Yes sir!) updates, besides the transition to console for PlayStation 4.

[TOS Violation], I'm babbling.
I apologize. Anyways, I have a guide here fpr users who like to play this game on the go with their laptops. Windows 10 is kinda a big deal for some odd reason, and has been for a while, and I just don't understand why I've decided to live in a bat cave for so long that I haven't had the time to really see this stuff. Honestly, I've just been so focused on console gaming, and haven't played PC since Euro Truck Sim in 2016.
I don't own it so I attached a URL. Hope this helps with anybody experiencing problems!
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