Malaysian Airport VIP - Published

Reason3DReason3D Posts: 31Player

It's a highly modified and VIP-Specific version of Red Storm's Entertainment's Rogue Spear and Ground Branch 747 Map, with 2 (Two) Airbus jets awaiting take-off...

The ground cover is sparse around the tarmac, and heavier just beyond that perimeter, so 12v12 is great, but 6v6 is interesting as well, because you must rescue the VIP in-between the jets, and Escort him in a linear (or non-linear, up to you) fashion to win the round...

Smoke Pops are Highly Recommended and flashbangs too, as well as DMR loadouts, for managing your team's flanks.

Optimized for General-Use PC setups :D

GL, HF Soldiers!

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