@Devs, is it "kosher" to mod AA Ops 2.5?

Reason3DReason3D Posts: 32Player
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I love the game as-is, basically, one the one hand AA:PG is a little more time-consuming than i would wish for, and on the other, the sights on AA Ops are very simple and ineffective.

I was hoping to mod the redDot scope really quickly to make it more transparent around the edges, and release the mod to the AA Ops community Via 25Assist link or google search terms.


  • vapor.ivapor.i Posts: 272Player
    Look around for steam content from Altan or Alten I forget what the spelling was but he had some aa2 maps/mods floating around here and there.
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  • m_hermannm_hermann Posts: 656Moderator
    Modding AA2 would likely be against the EULA
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