i'm disappointed on the Ps4

edited August 25 in PS4
ok as you well think i'm done with this game i don't understand the decision you guys making like no server browser no team selecting no vote system to kick players out not enought maps team mates are soo goof the scar h one shot on the head is still a thing the leaning strife A big problem what else you got there
when back in 2017 it was soo good it was soo fresh but now today its awful its hard to play on solo you have to carry a lot you'r team to win the one shot on head on scar h its ridiculous how many time i get bloop like thinking "its a sniper that move fast?" that what i fell like i said i'm done with America army proving grounds on the ps4 what a awful game to play and its "free"

hope that the next AA game need to be good for both platform

AA:PG Is bad game
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