My headset broke and I am looking to buy another headset. I have an old soundblaster sound card Creative X-fi fatality edition. I know there are many that come with sound card integrated as a usb connection. I don't know which would be better the usb or my sound card.

That being said, if I were to buy a headset, what would you recommend?

Thanks for your help on this...


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    roccat kave xtd 5.1 analog
    with 4 analog connections
    think it will be perfect with the x-fi (im using xonar d1)
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    I have a Logitech G430 and a Genius Cavimanus GX as well. Both are wired USB ones. I like both, but I can't tell much about the audio quality, I'm not the kind of guy who notices the difference that much (unless things are really bad). Both are virtual 7.1, but I use them in stereo.
    Edit: but you can disconnect the USB from the G430, and us them with jacks.

    Some pros and cons: the Cavimanus GX has much stronger bass, it simply goes lower I think - I discovered a new layer with them when listening to music: the drums are much better, I can barely hear them with the G430. The microphone has some issues, sometimes it heavily distorts the sound, then it magically fixes itself after 1-2 minutes.

    The G430 "grips" your head harder, it took me some time to get used to, but now I really prefer it. The blue plastic started to peel off near the earpads after ~1 year - well, I use the a lot thou (5-8 hours/day?)... It looks a bit ugly but it won't hurt the structural integrity, so it doesn't matter much or me.

    If I'd have to buy one of these, I'd probably go for the G430, because it is more comfortable for me. However, the better bass of the Cavimanus GX is tempting too... Both of these are kinda similar in price, on the lower end of the spectrum.

    I know that my help is rather specific, but this is the best I can do...
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    Thank you!
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