Banned for being good?

CalvanoCalvano Posts: 1Player
So i played in a server with new players and my dad, fun killing everyone but after a while i got banned by the live security for "Aimbot" but i didnt even use that. and it was more like wallhack because i was in the same room as my dad so if he died i could just somtimes watch on his screen but that didnt always work because than i wasnt focuse on my own screen. but banned for "Aimbot"? i just had a good game with not the best players but now i am ip/hwid banned so i cant play on any server. can i get unbanned?


  • Duke_AudiDuke_Audi Posts: 339Beta Tester
    You were not banned for being good. By your own words you got busted for cheating, (watching a second screen). Those who kicked you didn't know what you were doing but it was clear enough to them you were using some kind of aid. It happens, own it and move on. A friend and I used to play side by side and we had to put books or pizza boxes between us to block each others view. It's hard not to see what's happening on the screen next to you otherwise.
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    Sins 50% of your accounts are banned theres probably some traces left from the software you used previously, it don't really mater that you didn't use it this session.

    I'll lock this as no one here can help you.
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