[DD] Looking for people to help run server and join community!

Hello, Im a manager for Digital Dynasty. We currently have a server that is not populated. We are looking for people to help with the server and get it populated! We are also looking for people to just join our community and have some fun!

We are new to servers here and would also like pointers!!

If you would like to join for the community here is the discord link: discord.gg/k2XvXGw

If you would like to join the server. here is the server name: [DD] Chicago | Inner Hospital | ACI


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    [DD] Chicago | Inner Hospital | ACI

    Having a server set to Inner Hospy won't get you any players unless you are an established clan... Too many servers run this map.

    I would suggest that you create something unique to the community.

    Some ideas:
    • UMM Server with ONLY AA2 maps
    • UMM Server with ONLY AA3 maps
    • UUM Server with ONLY AA2&AA3 Maps :awesome:
    • Standard Server with only CQC maps (FLO: Checkout, Furious, Raptus : All BDX Maps)
    • CQC Serer with normal and UMM CQC Maps...
    • Long Range Map Server (sniper/DMR maps - unlock slots)
    • Official Maps that are not on the standard rotation (SandStorm, Rusneyev, Harbor Assault, Bridge, Furious, Raptus, Cabin Fever, Rocky Road)


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