420Pro Server

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Im a U.S player from back in the day when AA first came out...had a great time then life and the Army happened...I just started getting into the game again and find myself playing all the time on other servers so I figured I would get one of my own...Ive had it for a few hrs at the time of this post...its reg on GT and PB is enabled...I'm looking to have more players join the server and possibly admin as well.
420Pro...its listed on the browser. 24 player U.S server located in St. Louis( low ping for me)
laid back server but im just looking to populate mainly and a few admin, Im not extremly familiar with being admin but im getting the hang of it. I also have a web site but havent converted it for gaming just yet. Im also looking for admins and mods for it as well...its the 420pro but with .net at the end...hope this doesnt violate the forum rules, if so please delete.


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